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A thorough home inspection done according to the strict guidelines of New Jersey state standards includes a detailed, visual examination of all areas of the building that are accessible including the exterior, roof area, attics, basement, crawl space, and garage, as well as a room-by-room survey. 

Through the inspection, we carefully examine hundreds of line items, including but not limited to: 

·       Siding 

·       Roofing

·       Roof Flashing

·       Roof Penetrations

·       Gutters/Leaders

·       Doors/Windows

·       ​Exterior Grading

·       Exterior Drainage

·       Decks

·       Porches

·       Patios

·       Driveways

·       Walkways

·       Foundation

·       Plumbing System

·       Water Pressure

·       Water Penetration

·       Water Leakage

·       Sump Pump

·       Interior Surfaces

·       Water Heater

·       Stairways & Railings,

·       Electrical Service

·       Electrical Panels

·       Electrical Wiring

·       Electrical Devices

·       Heating System

·       AC System 

·       Chimneys  

·      Fireplaces​

Following the inspection, we will provide a clear and detailed list of the systems and structural components that are in need of immediate attention, and leave you with the report that will serve as a personalized repair and maintenance guide for your future reference.

What We Inspect: About
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