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Don’t Get Cold Feet, Get A Home Inspection

It’s January, and global warming just can’t heat the floors in your home up fast enough. You waved a home inspection in order to get the offer accepted and now you’re at risk of losing your big toe to frost bite.

Had you have had a home inspection it would’ve been pointed out that there is no insulation underneath the flooring in the crawlspace, and you may have been able to negotiate a little something something towards some fiberglass batts. What can you do now? Put down an area rug for a little warmth, buy some slippers and take one step further into becoming your parents or use this as an excuse to rub each other’s feet? A little temperature forced intimacy. These are good temporary solutions.

However, discomfort and energy loss aren’t the only things you need to worry about with poorly insulated floors. Mold causing condensation can form on the subflooring and floor joists where the cold outdoor air, meets the warm underside of the flooring (warm relative January air not your feet). These are all reasons you may want to consider insulating your crawlspace once the weather warms. For more information on air sealing or insulating your home go to If you are looking to buy a home in New Jersey, call High Point Home Inspection at 732.413.5529 and schedule a home inspection so that you don’t get cold feet before or after you buy the home.

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